Enterprise - oriented application and system development

Integrating multi-platform business data to make complexity simpler


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From business requirements, product design, development and testing, to project maintenance and update, to provide comprehensive technical service support

Application development

Website construction

H5 activity page website

Mini Program development

Other application development

System development

CRM customer relationship management system

CMS content management system

BPM business process management system

MSP business decision support system

Drive the advanced technology

Efficient and Agile Development

Technology precipitate, nearly 100 reusable functions, enable rapid development and combination, driving business development.

Rapid iterative development, guaranteed to be delivered within the allotted time, as much as possible to customer expectations.

IT Business Integration and Product Extensibility

Analyze current business IT system, ensure data security and availability, integrate existing IT architecture, and achieve unified data management.

Support business data analysis, evaluation and adjustment of the decision plan, according to the actual needs, the system optimization expansion.

Active security protection policy

Have rich experience and testing tools for large-scale DDOS, Web attacks, SQL injection attack and defense,

so that the system can run safely and steadily at all times.

Not only one-stop agile development

More professional technology

8 years technical service team

Help to realize digital enterprises

Reduce waste of human and material resources

Do more than development

Multi-angle business thinking

Lean User Experience

Permanent use of products,reduce the possibility of secondary development

Full cycle system maintenance

System monitoring all the way

Optimizing and upgrading services

Follow up the problem and give feedback immediately

Business case

Youth digest 'suirui cup' composition & reading contest daily user activity up to 2,000
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