Cloud Migration

Help enterprise system business, save operation and maintenance costs, save more human resources


Why Cloud Migration
Cloud computing has been widely used in enterprises


Real-time multi copy backup- guarantee server continuous online ratio


Scalable server- keep pace with the business

Higher return on investment

Reduce operating costs and focus more on business

Cloud Migration Service

Cloud O&M Service

Provides you with 7*24 hours of monitoring and response,timely handling of abnormal situations,saving time and efficiency

Security service

Combine with the status of system situation, migrating system to the public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud respectively. Ensure data security, effective migration and seamless switching

Server migration service

Design cloud architecture for business, optimize efficiency, complete data migration and deployment, and make systems more secure

Create a carefree experience to our clients



Provide professional cloud migration services

省钱 云迁移

Cost Effective

The most professional service with the least cost

省力 云迁移


50% reduction in cloud migration planning time


Prevent potential safety issues and provide security

Service Process

Move the workloads to the cloud easily


Business case

Every year forPacific ganda save 60% service fee
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